Looking Up -J

It’s February 8th in Bologna. This is the first day that I’ve seen actual sunlight in this city since I arrived almost a week ago. The sentiments are high and low and have only gotten better as of like 30 minutes ago. What they don’t tell you about studying abroad for the year is that the second semester isn’t all gung-ho “I’m back and I run this bitch” ..

I guess for some. But I recently came back from the best month in the States. I hung out with my friends and family…lol nevermind what friends they all yeeted me hard this break.. Ok so I hung out with my best friend aka my boyfriend aka I am one of those annoying girls now who only hangs out with their man … sigh.

Anyway, for the first couple of days since being back I was crying every night waking up at every hour of the day, every night with one more thing on my plate.

So these posts will serve as a way to remember how low low low I was (and it’s just week one!) in hopes that things will look up and that I’ll be laughing at all of my sorrows in like…a day lmao. I can’t take myself seriously when writing these posts because I just feel so dumb. But as I continue to post these, I am hopeful that you will enjoy the journey I’ve been on and if you’re in a similar position, maybe it will help you!

Okay so day one: I got to Bologna and it was snowing and as soon as my plane hit the landing I was so ready to turn around. I’m from New Jersey and had not even seen snow like this in a couple of weeks so I was so confused. I am one of those people where the weather really makes or breaks my mood so seeing snow (which I hate!) was not good…

Day two: I stayed at home all day resting and semi unpacking because … its almost a week and I have not unpacked shit.

UPDATE: since starting this post, I finished unpacking and maybe not seeing my suitcase on the floor will make me finally admit I’m here for 4 more months.

Day three: It was my first day of class and the logistics don’t actually matter but I thought my jetlag was gone and that it would be the greatest first week meeting people and seeing old faces but alas it just was not.

It is February 8th and I’ve been up since 3:30 AM and I definitely will not allow myself to sleep so that tomorrow I’m back to normal.

I guess the crying stopped two nights ago but as I kept calling my boyfriend telling him how much I missed him and loved him (if he didn’t know before, he DEFINITELY knows now) and he reassured me that everything was going to be okay. This is my second semester here, I’m going to see him in 36 days, 8 hours, 8 minutes, and 38 seconds.. (I’m definitely not even counting down), and that February will fly, then I see him in March, then it’s April, and May? Don’t even count the month because I’ll be counting down from May 1st to May 30th when I get to leave.

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