Highs and Lows -J

It’s crazy how I was just saying that things are looking up but then I still could not sleep to save my life and then this morning I cried to my mom again.

I still keep in touch with so many people even through the time difference and as I was explaining to someone how I was having a hard time, she said this:

Nothing lasts forever.

And that really struck me. I still am not sure if she was talking about my sadness or my time abroad, but I took it in both senses and realized, I will not be sad forever but I also only have 15 weeks left here and once I start all my classes and doing my internship and traveling again (can this happen already?) I am definitely going to have a change in moods and I will be wishing for more time.

Today, for example, I went to one class (class on Fridays abroad suck by the way) and then I was done for the day. Luckily, I had a lunch appointment with an alum of my program from the 70′s and we chatted and spent a nice afternoon together. At one point she was just reminiscing so much and telling me how much I would miss it, that I told myself..

“Ok sis, something needs to change”

Because I know that in 40 years I won’t be remembering the bad times but I’ll remember all the good instead. Part of the reason why me and A decided to start blogging here is because we wanted to see how things would change for us.

I didn’t have a bad semester at all last semester so this mood is foreign to me but once I get good sleep (PLEASE HAPPEN SOON!) then I will start to have normal days!

I keep writing because as long as I encourage myself then maybe things will change. Happiness comes from within.

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