On Love Abroad -J

Did you ever watch the Lizzie McGuire movie? That 2003 classic in which Lizzie graduated middle school and goes abroad for two weeks and later falls in love with an Italian pop singer.. are you kidding me? The biggest lie of all time.

Nevertheless, I didn’t expect that to happen to me before I came, so I’m in the clear… and it most likely won’t happen to you. If you’re reading this and it did please tell me which famous person, I’d love to hear all about it.

A couple of months before going abroad, I met a really hot great guy and things got off to a good start and then we started dating. At this point, I had already decided that I was going away for the year and luckily we decided to continue this relationship long distance. I’m not going to give my advice on long distance relationships but I will talk about how it has impacted my time abroad and what you can expect.

Since Valentine’s Day just went by, this week’s theme is love.

  1. My first week each semester was rough. A 6 hour time difference means that when I’m up with jetlag at 4am, it is still 10pm on the east coast so a phone call comes in handy when you want a little piece of home reassuring you that you’ve made the right decision.
  2. PACKAGES! Your friends will tell you that they’ll send you something while you’re abroad and then figure out that aint nobody got time for that (or money) so they don’t send you anything and when you don’t have your favorite snack (hot cheetos have my heart) you need someone who loves you enough to send them to you.
  3. You end up getting so caught up in being in a new place, meeting new people, doing new things that you forget to call home. Being in a LDR means you have to communicate enough so that you stay close no matter the miles. So making sure you’re committed to something is nice and knowing that that person will always pick up is nice too.
  4. Space – I’ve gotten plenty of space to do my own thing and let him do his. This is important and although I’m doing it during the first year of our relationship, it has taught us real values as opposed to being all touchy feely and forgetting to talk about the things that are important.
  5. Someone to come visit you. Self explanatory.
  6. An outside perspective – someone to tell your juicy gossip to but also someone who can help you when times get tough. Similar to number one but times will get tough even when you think its all gotten better.
  7. The good times are so so great but being in a relationship where you have to rely on FaceTime (thank goodness for technology), text messages, etc. can get tough at times. You begin to get frustrated at the distance and start having FOMO (fear of missing out). Communication helps but don’t feel bad for expressing the things that upset you.
  8. We both had to learn that time flies. So you need to be in the present and enjoy what’s in front of you instead of constantly calling each other. Make time but not too much time. I was coming home from my first semester abroad and it felt like it had been one month!
  9. Be patient. This is a hard one for me (let’s hope he doesn’t read this post) but things will fall into place. If you’re both making the effort, soon enough you will start getting into a routine that’s comfortable for both of you, and you won’t feel so far apart.
  10. Don’t try to compare yourself too much to other couples who do get to spend every holiday together. I just missed my first valentines day with my guy and it was really sad to have social media reminding me that I would be alone for the holiday but be happy about your situation and realize that you’re enjoying once-in-a-lifetime kinda things and these holidays happen every single year.

Hope this helps and gives you a little insight of the things happening in my life, too!

*Never stop exploring*

Xoxo, Jasmin

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