The One Month Recap & March Goals -J

So it’s official – I’ve been back in Bologna for a month. If you’ve been reading the blog, you have seen the progression from bad days to good days back to bad days etc.

My host mother asked me a question about two weeks ago, “Do you regret coming back to Italy this semester?”

I answered truthfully, “It depends what day you ask me that question because today is a yes, yesterday was a no, and who knows what tomorrow will be.”

She had noticed that the past couple of weeks I haven’t been acting the same as I did last semester. This obviously goes to show that we all know each other really well up to the point that she could tell that I wasn’t having the best time. I am so grateful for these two human beings and their entire family. Living with them has been so easy and they’ve  taken me in as their second daughter/fourth child (or I guess sixth…they’ve hosted two Dickinson students in the past).

Ever since then, I started feeling really bad about the fact that they could notice how sad I was so I started trying to be more positive. Ever since that conversation, I have been trying to find the good in things instead of giving up so fast and calling home saying I want to be home.

Some highlights of my month (good and bad) are below but in 2018 I’ve also started making measurable goals for each month so here they are written down (y’all can hold me accountable!) along with some things I’m looking forward to in this next month:

The Highlights

  1. I travelled to Florence, Venice, and this weekend I’m in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy. I had been to Florence and Venice one already but I was happy to go with new friends and see these beautiful cities. Find my Florence recap here!
  2. I celebrated my host dad and uncle’s birthday at a Sunday brunch where we ate so much food and I was able to see family that I don’t usually get to see.
  3. I went out with some friends to the local bars which was really fun. Due to the fact that I live with a host family, I try to limit the amount of times I go out so that I’m not getting home too late or asking to stay with a friend. Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that I am the only student living with a host family this semester therefore the other students live in apartments and have a lot more independence. I also live outside of the city center so coming here at night is difficult at times.
  4. I started two of my classes and they are going really well. My third class begins on March 12th at the local university and my independent study is underway.
  5. BAD – I got pickpocketted. For the first time ever, my wallet was stolen right out of my purse as I was shopping at H&M. Although someone found my wallet thrown in an alley and was able to contact me, I did lose a significant amount of money but all of my documents and cards are in order so I am thankful for that. It would have been a huge pain to get all of my documents back.

My March Goals

I did not really set any February goals because I knew I was coming back to Italy and wanted to remain open minded about what was to come. I knew that there would be new students here and that I would have a completely different schedule so I came back ready to face whatever was to come. So without further ado…

  1. Try at least 2 new restaurants this month. I have identified the places I like to get my cappuccinos at or my favorite pizza place, but I’m hoping to go to places I haven’t been yet! I’m starting with just a couple and hopefully will grow the list as this happens.
  2. To read a new book this month. I’m not saying I’ll finish it but to even open a new book would be an accomplishment for me. I am taking a class on Italian history and have a required book that has to be read out of class before the end of the semester so this might be it!
  3. Apply to a couple more internships. I’ve applied to many already but am waiting to hear back or have gotten denied, so I don’t want to forget about the fact that I need to do something productive this summer!
  4. Finish all my weekend travel plans. Even if I have a basic idea, I want to know what I’m doing every weekend for the rest of the semester so that I am in Bologna enough but also using my time wisely since I don’t know when will be the next time I come to Europe.

Looking Forward To…

The title is self explanatory…this first month was hard so I’m hoping that things get better this month. I’m looking forward to:

  1. One of my best friends is visiting me from Spain (aka the co-author of this blog!)
  2. My spring break! I am going to be traveling to 5 cities in Portugal and then going to Prague (two completely different places!) so I hope to recap those soon after I get back.
  3. Seeing my boyfriend! He’s traveling with me for 10 days in Portugal so I’m excited to see a familiar face.
  4. WARM WEATHER! Guys, there has been non-stop snow/rain in Bologna but it is supposed to start getting warmer this week and it’s all I can think about.
  5. Starting my university course. It will be in Italian so I am nervous about keeping up but it will definitely help me understand the language.
  6. Exploring new places in Bologna. My independent study will allow me the opportunity to go to places out of the city center and research on the tourism boom in Bologna in the recent years.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, thank you! I know it’s a lot but its always good practice to document your days and to set goals. Do you set monthly goals? What are you looking forward to?

*Never stop exploring*

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