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If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you’re either curious about Paris, have been to Paris, want to go to Paris or you might just be a loyal follower (thank you!!)

I have been in Europe since August 2017 and out of all of the trips I’ve made thus far, Paris is still hands down the best place I have visited. I went on a rainy, rainy weekend and still had a blast.

One thing I will mention before I move forward with the best weekend of my fall semester has got to be that the people you travel with really, really impact your experience. I’ve travelled with people from school, friends from high school who are also abroad, and friends from home and I have found that your closest friends who you can be yourself around are the ones who you make the best memories with.

I took on Paris with my childhood friend Gabrielle who I hadn’t seen in several years. We live so close to each other at home (New Jersey to New York City, a 40 minute train ride) and we managed to see each other in Europe more than we do in a given year in the States.

This was our weekend in Paris! Enjoy!


1:35 PM – Jasmin’s arrival in Paris; my flight to Paris was about 115 USD to CDG airport. Given that most budget airlines fly to the airport outside of Paris, I decided to pay a little extra to be a little closer to the city so that we could take advantage of our time. I flew AirFrance which has been my favorite airline to fly with thus far. Then I waited a while…

2:10 PM – Gabi’s arrival; YAY! 

3:30 PM – Arrive at Airbnb; We took a train that operates from under the airport all the way to the center of Paris and once we got off at our respective stop, we had to switch to a different line and walked about 10 minutes to get to our Airbnb where our gracious host was ready for us.

5:30 PM – Louvre; Once we were in Paris, it was drizzling a little bit but we put our stuff down and immediately headed for the Louvre. Word of advice: Book those tickets in advance if you will be there on a weekend! We did this and it was one of the best decisions. We got to skip a long line of people waiting to get in.


  The Louvre is a place you have to get to. Yes, of course it is nice to get your typical Paris Instagram picture, but the inside of full of so much rich history and beautiful art. Fun fact: On Fridays, it is open much later than on other days, so we took advantage and walked around in there for a while. 

8:55 PM – Eiffel Tower; Right after seeing Louvre and being over the moon about having stayed until closing, my friend’s best friend from college texted her telling her that he was also in Paris! What a treat it was to meet up with him. We all met up at the Eiffel and sat down on the garden drinking some wine and getting bombarded by people selling us things. The Eiffel lights up for 5 minutes once every hour so we saw the tower sparkle two times. It’s kind of surreal to be sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower on a random Friday (no big deal)

By 10 pm, we were on a metro back to the Airbnb because we planned to wake up early the next day to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


9 AM – Breakfast; We ended up leaving on time! We walked down the street and the first place we saw that was open and had coffee and croissants, is what we had for breakfast.

9:30 AM – Leave for Palace of Versailles; We were a bit ahead of schedule thanks to our walking breakfast. We used Google Maps to find the closest train station and hopped on the first train that arrived. We bought a 48 hour ticket which was very inexpensive and probably the best option if you’re only spending a weekend here. 

10:30 AM – Arrive at Palace of Versailles; It was raining hard and it was very cold so that was a bummer but we made it! We bought tickets in advance and even got free headsets with our pass. We spent SIX hours at the Palace. We walked through the gardens and just enjoyed all the history that was offered there. I really recommend staying there for as long as you can. 


2:00 PM – Arc de Triomphe; Because we spent so much time at Versailles, this schedule got a little messed up.

5:00 PM – At this time we found the stop that had a Chipotle. If you’re judging, I completely understand but as Americans, we were missing it so much and needed a little piece of home. It tasted the same as the Chipotle in the US (which makes me question many things but…it was yummy nonetheless)

After dinner we headed to the Arc di Triomphe (if you have a student visa you can get in for free). The views were spectacular and it is another Paris staple that you have to get to.


7:30 PM – Notre Dame; Finally, we decided to visit Notre Dame before heading back to the Airbnb and much to our surprise, there was a light show going on. There were tons of people there but we were able to get good spots and saw a story/light show up on the front of the church that made me love Paris even more.



Sunday morning, we slept in until late and then got up and checked out of our Airbnb. We had a quick breakfast and walked around before we took the hour train back to the airport to part ways…

3:00 PM – Jasmin and Gabi’s depart from Paris


Are you thinking about going to Paris or have you already been?

Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy the week, friends!

xoxo, Jasmin

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