The Two Month Recap & April Goals -J

Hello again!

I can’t believe this post is going up. March went by quicker than I thought! I feel like I was just writing my One Month Recap & March goals yesterday! Find it here if you wanna read all about it.

Before I highlight what was done this month and my goals for next month, I pasted my goals for this past month to see what got done and what needs to move down to the next month.

Last Month’s Goals

  1. Try at least 2 new restaurants this month. I have identified the places I like to get my cappuccinos at or my favorite pizza place, but I’m hoping to go to places I haven’t been yet! I’m starting with just a couple and hopefully will grow the list as this happens.
  2. To read a new book this month. I’m not saying I’ll finish it but to even open a new book would be an accomplishment for me. I am taking a class on Italian history and have a required book that has to be read out of class before the end of the semester so this might be it!
  3. Apply to a couple more internships. I’ve applied to many already but am waiting to hear back or have gotten denied, so I don’t want to forget about the fact that I need to do something productive this summer!
  4. Finish all my weekend travel plans. Even if I have a basic idea, I want to know what I’m doing every weekend for the rest of the semester so that I am in Bologna enough but also using my time wisely since I don’t know when will be the next time I come to Europe.

So I got most of my March goals done! This is a huge accomplishment for me because I had a lot going on this past month from traveling to doing work (we actually have classes abroad, ha!) so staying on top of my goals was important but also took some time to accomplish. My fourth goal didn’t get done but as of today, I have 8 weekends left (seriously, where is the time going?) and three of those weekends are already definite travel weekends (I’ll share more about my plans soon…) so I am taking it easy but being the big planner that I am, I have to get it done this week for sure. Now onto the highlights!

March’s Highlights

  1. My best friend came to Bologna to visit me! She has several friends studying here so I was nervous about getting time to see her but it worked out perfectly!

    Florence, Italy
  2. My host family celebrated my host sister’s 27th birthday. I was able to meet her boyfriend’s side of the family at this event as well as see the extended side of my host family and it was so nice to talk to everyone!
  3. I recently came back from spending ten days in Portugal with my boyfriend which was so fun! There is nothing better than traveling with someone you’re completely comfortable with and it was nice to have him come from home since my family won’t be able to.

    Porto, Portugal
  4. I travelled to Prague with two friends on my program!
  5. My sister was accepted into her abroad program for next semester. I will share more details on that later but now I am hoping that Two Broads Abroad can travel to another continent (curious yet?)!
  6. I started my independent study and am so excited to get to do this type of work by myself. My work is focused on the tourism boom in Bologna. I can’t wait to share the final product here!

    Bologna, Italy
  7. Watching the NCAA March Madness games. I was nervous that maybe because of the time difference I wouldn’t be able to watch the games, but I did with my bracket in hand and it is definitely the craziest March Madness I’ve ever seen so I’m happy I got to see it.
  8. I signed up for next semester’s classes and if all of my courses get approved, my class schedule is looking pretty pretty sweet.

April Goals

  1. My first goal comes from my unaccomplished one from last month. Finish up all my travel plans and set a budget for myself so that I can finish out the semester without asking my mom for more money.
  2. Finish my book and start my next one
  3. Find a cute gift for my mom’s birthday and my dad’s birthday!
  4. Begin writing my final paper for one of my classes. I seriously want to get ahead in order to lighten my load at the end of the semester.
  5. Start packing up my winter wardrobe and donating the clothes I don’t want/don’t fit to a local organization
  6. Plan my 21st birthday! May is coming sooner than I thought.

What I’m Looking Forward To

This part is always so bittersweet for me to write because I realize that time is going by so fast. At least once a day either on a FaceTime call or on snapchat I get this feeling of FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. When I see my friends and family back home doing things that I wish I was doing at this time, I start to feel like its time to go home. But obviously I have to finish up my time here and take it all in before I’m back in the States. So below are all the things I’m looking forward to next month!

  1. Easter! I’m celebrating at my host uncle’s house that I haven’t been to yet.
  2. A really close friend studying in Norwich, England is coming to visit me for a weekend. I haven’t seen her since May of last year which seems so weird typing out. I’m excited to show her where I’ve been living for the past couple of months.
  3. Taking some day trips. I want to head to cities that are only about an hour by train and super cheap to get to. I’ll update on what cities I choose, but I love that I have the flexibility to do that.
  4. Going to the Amalfi Coast! My school’s program is taking its students to Naples, Pompeii, and the Amalfi coast and I cannot wait to see the south of Italy more especially with all of the people who I have spent the last couple of months with. By the time we get back I will only be in Bologna for less than a month, which to me is just wild.
  5. Planning for next year – courses (if I don’t get the ones I wanted), housing, summer plans, etc… can you tell I’m a big planner?

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