The Three Month Recap & May Goals -J

I’m writing this just a couple days after the beginning of the month simply because I’ve been so busy! I never expected the end of the semester to be the time where I’m not finding time to write.

I’m currently writing from my newest favorite cafe, Itit Sandwich Cafe near the university district where I’m sitting across from my friend Killian (sorry for being antisocial, Kill) realizing that in 28 days we won’t be doing this anymore.

As always, these posts serve as a reflection to see what I’ve accomplished in the past month and although April was less of a travel month for me, I was still busy doing other things.

So here’s a look at last month’s goals:

  • Finish up all my travel plans and set a budget for myself so that I can finish out the semester without asking my mom for more money.
    • Took me a while but when I realized one of my closest friends here has a very similar schedule, we decided to take advantage of those days and take some day trips. More on that later…
  • Finish my book and start my next one
    • DONE! Granted, it was a book for my History of the Mafia course, but it got read and I did super well on my reading assessment. Now I’m trying to find a book to read before I go home…
  • Find a cute gift for my mom’s birthday and my dad’s birthday!
    • Half done but I can’t move this one down to the next month ha! I ended up getting my mom a personalized candle from Yankee Candle with a picture of us on it and her favorite scent. I didn’t know before this that YC does customized gifts… will definitely be my go to when I’m stuck on gift ideas.
  • Begin writing my final paper for one of my classes. I seriously want to get ahead in order to lighten my load at the end of the semester.
    • SUBMITTED!!! I started the first week of April and it was due just a couple of days ago and by the night before I had already submitted it. I can be a procrastinator sometimes when it comes to writing required essays but I’m really proud of myself for this one.
  • Start packing up my winter wardrobe and donating the clothes I don’t want/don’t fit to a local organization
    • Kinda done. So I packed up all the clothes I don’t want but all the girls on my program are going to do a clothes drive/clothes exchange. What’s better than giving some clothes away just to snag some cute pieces at the same time?
  • Plan my 21st birthday! May is coming sooner than I thought.
    • Done! I’ve decided on a restaurant and have turned it into a birthday weekend (as we all must do on our 21st). I’m so excited.. it feels weird that my birthday is in 4 weeks! Birthdays are weird…

April’s Highlights

    1. I celebrated Easter with my host family. I loved being able to go to my host uncle’s villa in the hills of Bologna to do all of the traditional Easter things. We had a typical breakfast and then moved to a huge lunch that included lasagna and tortellini. Then at the very end they let me crack open the big chocolate egg. It was so sweet.
    2. I went to a Bologna soccer game with my friend, Killian! They played Verona and Bologna won 2-0. It was an exhilarating game as Bologna made their first goal off of a corner kick and their second goal in overtime! The best part about this is that we made a small appearance on TV!

      Bologna, Italy
    3. My school organized a trip to the South of Italy so we headed to the following cities: Naples, Capri, Amalfi, Caserta, and Pompeii! My friend and I took a boat trip in Capri which was most definitely the highlight of this trip but visiting Pompeii came in close second. The fact that I was walking in a town that clearly a Roman city years ago was fascinating. I’m going to write a complete post on this trip very soon.
    4. I took a day trip to Pisa with my friend Erykah. Another cool experience to be able to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa right before my eyes.

      Pisa, Italy
    5. I accepted a summer job! I’ll be working at my college as the Director of New Student Orientation for the New Student Programs office. I am excited to see what I will learn through this internship and how I will be able to apply the skills I already posses to execute a very exciting New Student Orientation.
    6. I took a weekend trip to Cinque Terre with two friends. I was excited because the first time I went it rained so hard that I knew I had to go back to this place. We hit all 5 towns in one day and came back home wishing we spent one more night here.
    7. I was approved for all the classes I wanted – my schedule is already in Outlook!
    8. My friend came to visit me from England and it was good to see her after almost 10 months!

May Goals

  • Pack!
  • Pack.
  • Pack –
  • Do well on my final exams and don’t procrastinate studying for those finals.
  • That is all – maybe call my mom some more

What I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Going to Copenhagen, Denmark and Santorini, Greece! These are my last two trips of the semester and then I’m finally done traveling during the weekends. At that point I’ll only be taking day trips if I can find the time to do so!
  2. Finishing the semester, to be honest. I’m just drained from always being on the move. Traveling can do that to you!!
  3. I’m looking forward to seeing my family in 29 days – I’m ready to be home.
  4. Packing – I love packing.

By the time I write my next monthly recap, I’ll be writing from a plane or from New Jersey!



2 thoughts on “The Three Month Recap & May Goals -J

  1. Love this!Reading others’ monthly goals gets me inspired and motivated to set more goals for myself!Lots of love,keep blogging<3I'd also love for you to check my blog out:)


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