It’s here. -J

I can’t believe it’s finally here…2019. This year seems like one of those years that was never going to happen – like 1999 when people were scrambling to buy the last bread loaves from the stores when 2000 was supposed to come. Maybe I am exaggerating a little but in 2015 when I was graduating high school (see below) and was thinking about the year when I would graduate college, I couldn’t picture 2019 actually happening.

Asheville School Graduation – May 2015

In the past couple of years, I can totally say I’ve grown more than I could have ever imagined. I mastered my third language, I traveled to a new continent, I held 10 different work positions and the list could go on but what I am most proud of is my change in attitude.

For those reading who may have known me in high school might agree with the fact that I was often negative about everything. Shoutout to my math teacher who had a long conversation with my mother about this. I would find a way to turn a seemingly great experience into a bad one. I cut off friends that I should have probably kept in my life, I stopped caring about my grades once I got into my top choice of college and even more-so when one of my college’s acceptance packets came with almost a full ride.

I knew that going into college I was going to turn that around and although it has taken a lot of work, I have seen myself make actual negative experiences into positive ones.

For example, many of my readers know all about my negative experiences abroad but I have now used them to develop my senior thesis (more on that in the coming months) and the career path that I want to take after graduation.

Most importantly, in this period of my life, I have met some of the most important people. I know I can still count on many of my friends and mentors from middle/high school, but Dickinson has provided me with some stellar individuals. From my current roommates, to my best friends, to faculty/staff that have been there for me, I just feel incredibly lucky and can’t look at these four years without acknowledging that.

In this month alone, I have been doing a lot of reflecting as I only have one more semester left before I become the first person in my family to graduate from college in the United States. It still feels weird saying/writing that. That has been such a motivating factor for me especially this year.

So instead of writing paragraphs about every single thing that I did this year, I am going to give myself a goal for the first half of the year.

Every month – Go to the gym, eat healthier, make more time for friends and to relax, DRINK MORE WATER

January – Prepare for my senior thesis by writing my reflections in advance, watching the films that I will be focusing on and reading the required material. In addition to this, prepare for my classes by doing all that I can now to avoid stress in the future. Finish a couple of applications that are due in this month.

February – File my income taxes on time because lord do we all know how much of a struggle that can be and pay off my Disney trip. & last thing, do a no spend challenge.

March – Apply to jobs! and also pay off one of my credit cards.

April – Run a 5K.

May – Lessen up workload and work during the day to be able to give myself the evenings to relax every day. The last month of undergrad will be exciting yet stressful and I have to make sure I am still enjoying what matters.

June – Spend time with family and friends as I begin a new chapter in life.

That’s all for now!



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