Remember December? -J

Okay friends, I am sure that you’ve been reading so many blogs about goals and aspirations for 2019, just like the one I wrote here to kick off the first couple of weeks of the new year. Since it is my first week back to blogging, I’m sharing a recap of every day in December 2018 with you. I am hoping to do this again once I get back to school. If you want to try this yourself, set a reminder/alarm in your phone every morning so that you make an effort to find your favorite part of each day even when you are having a bad day.

Some of the memories you see here include my week-long finals studying. I used these images to take a break from writing papers and studying for my exams.

An app that I discovered while I was abroad called 1 Second Everyday costs a couple of dollars on the app store but it is incredible in documenting a day in the life. You record one second of every single day and then you can create a video out of your clips. I would definitely recommend using it because like the pictures you see above, you can remember those moments that aren’t so fresh in your mind once 2020 comes (that is so odd to type out!). For now, I hope you are enjoying January and encourage you to do an every day challenge to have something to look back at.



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