Hiatus -J

It’s taken my five months to get back on my blog because I’ve been so busy and if I wasn’t busy, I was spending my time with friends and family enjoying the last semester of my college career.

And I did it. On May 19th, I graduated with Dean’s List honors from Dickinson College with my Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Management and also Italian Studies. I wrote nearly a 30 page thesis in a foreign language this semester and took some really interesting courses being that I finished my business major early.


That being said, when was I supposed to have time for the blog? To share with you tips/tricks about abroad. I couldn’t bring myself to write something because I didn’t have anything important to say. Being that I used this blog to expose the shit disrespect of the Italian department after my racist professor got away with no consequences for what he did to me and several students on my abroad program, I wanted no part in recounting any abroad experiences on this blog. I simply wanted to forget.

But I’m home now, away from all of that and I’m ready to keep sharing. I will be starting my career at a global company and I want to share that too. So moving forward, this blog won’t be all about going abroad but about life and maybe how you can leverage your abroad experiences to the real world.

Love to wherever you are reading from. I’m excited to start yet another chapter in my life.


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