What’s In My Bag? Carry On Edition

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In this post, you’re going to find the top essentials you need for your carry on bag when you’re traveling. I often find that people I know that travel or those that I see at the airport use their carry on bags as a place to put everything that didn’t fit in their checked luggage or the things that were too heavy. I’ve seen people at security open their carry on bags and I’ve seen so many different things. Some people choose to use their carry on as their only bag so that they don’t have to pay for luggage (this applies especially for domestic flights) but you want to be as comfortable as possible so I am going to make sure you pack only the essentialsYou need maximum efficiency.

Let’s get started! First you need a bag…

I always choose to travel with a fashionable bookbag. One that fits a laptop is always nice but if you’re not bringing a large electronic device, then just stick to a cute little bookbag. I’ve linked one that is available right now at Target. It has a laptop compartment which is nice.

Now for what goes in there…

  1. A portable charger. I do NOT leave to the airport without one. I don’t like for it to be too heavy. As long as it can charge my phone one time and I don’t pull it out just so that I can play games on the flight. I try not to use it until I am at my final destination because you don’t know when the next time is that you will find an outlet. I go to the airport with a charged phone and charge it before my flight if I can. Right now I’ve been a big fan of the portable charger linked below. It’s super lightweight and gets the job done. On the upside it’s small so it doesn’t take too much room in my bag.
  2. Chargers. Bring the chargers to all of your electronics in your bag. So your phone, laptop/tablet and any other charger you may have.
  3. Headphones. I’ve linked the ones I use below. I got them from Walmart for very cheap and I’ve had them for over two years now. I like the gummies/silicone so that they don’t make my ears uncomfortable especially if I’m sleeping and they don’t fall out easily. You will definitely need them for flights whether you want to watch movies, listen to music, or just block out sound from the people around you.
  4. Snacks! I always see people on planes that get super hungry or don’t like the snacks served on the plane. You also never know when you personally will get hungry. So even if you don’t eat your snack on the plan you can eat it after. I usually try to bring one thing that is salty and one thing that is sweet – for any craving plus a pack of gum. The drink I always get on the plane. I’ll usually ask for a cup of water and whatever other drink I’m in the mood for.
  5. Water bottle. Speaking of asking for drinks on the plane, bring a water bottle. You do get dehydrated when you’re up in the air so it is definitely a good idea to bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it at a fountain, if you can locate one. I’ve linked the one I’ve been using here.
  6. Wallet. This goes without saying but bring a wallet with cash, credit cards, etc. Obviously your passport/ID as well! Keep this at the top of your bag. You will be using this the most, so try not to be scrambling for it and save yourself some time.
  7. Tissues and 1-2 ziploc bags. You never know what you’ll need tissues for. Maybe you need to cry or just blow your nose. But often times, there might be a little mess and a tissue can quickly solve that. Also good to have just in case as a last resort if the bathroom you go to runs out of toilet paper. From my personal experience, a woman had to sit in a toilet on a plane for an extra ten minutes while flight attendants tried to find her some toilet paper. The only reason they noticed was because they needed her to leave the restroom so that the plane could land. We ended up having to “stall” (no pun intended) until she received her paper and could get back to her seat. Don’t waste others’ times especially when it comes to flying! Ziploc bags are good for any reason – extra snacks, or as a little garbage can (we don’t litter around here). Also see number 2 for another way you can reuse your ziploc!
  8. Socks. They’re cozy and when airplanes get cold you might want to put them on. You won’t even notice they’re in your bag in the bottom corner but you’ll be thankful you threw them in there!
  9. Pain reliever pills. Whether you’re in back pain from sitting for too long or you suddenly got a headache, it’s always nice to keep these handy.

& that’s pretty much it! 9 things that you need to have a successful flight! Don’t overpack your bag and create more weight for yourself as you walk around the airport or rush to your next flight. The less the better and you’ll be thankful you only packed the essentials!

Items described above:

  1. Bag, 2. Portable Charger, 3. Earphones, 4. Water Bottle


Never stop exploring

many XO’s,


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