Broads behind the Blog


Hola! My name is Amara, one of the Two Broads, Abroad. I thought it would be a good idea to track the emotional and personal growth that came with spending a year away from home, especially since J and I  were going through a bit of a rough patch.

I’m pursuing a Political Science and Spanish double major back home in the USA. During my junior year, I resided on the sunny Costa del Sol, in Málaga, Spain. English is my first language, I’m pretty much fluent in Spanish and I can understand Italian and French. As a bonus I can also introduce myself in Arabic.

My mantra is, if something doesn’t go the way you’d hoped, just remember that’s more material for your memoir. If you’re wondering, I have enough for about 3 volumes.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Ciao! I’m Jasmin, which is where -J comes from in all of my blog posts. I studied abroad in Bologna, Italy for my entire junior year of college. Amara and I decided to run this page to document our second semester. Although I really wish that we would have done this first semester, times got tough (as you can read in the first posts) and we decided that we needed a little pick me up. So that’s where two broads, abroad was born!

A little bit about me:

I was an International Business and Italian Studies double major at my home university in central Pennsylvania, USA. I graduated in May 2019.

I am fluent in English, Spanish, and almost there with Italian. I can pick up on a lot of French as well.

I like love and always missed iced coffee and Chick Fil A (but not together) when I was abroad.

I don’t have much advice on studying abroad, other than sharing ways that I’ve gotten through it but I will say that countdown apps help sometimes, travel is a great distraction, and watching netflix and eating hot cheetos is a dream come true.

That’s it about me! Message if you wanna know something else! Check out my gallery here!