Hiatus -J

It’s taken my five months to get back on my blog because I’ve been so busy and if I wasn’t busy, I was spending my time with friends and family enjoying the last semester of my college career. And I did it. On May 19th, I graduated with Dean’s List honors from Dickinson College with … More Hiatus -J

It’s here. -J

I can’t believe it’s finally here…2019. This year seems like one of those years that was never going to happen – like 1999 when people were scrambling to buy the last bread loaves from the stores when 2000 was supposed to come. Maybe I am exaggerating a little but in 2015 when I was graduating … More It’s here. -J

Back to normal.

It didn’t hit me until I saw a new class of students this week that I am a senior. Me. I finally made it to this point. There’s a tradition at Dickinson that if you step on the College seal that is conveniently placed right in the center of one of the most walked locations on … More Back to normal.

Homebound Feels -J

Happy I don’t even know what day it is, I just had to check my calendar Wednesday. Today I am touching on some fears of transition back to life at home in the United States and going back to my official college next year. Last week, Amara touched on going to the US for ten days … More Homebound Feels -J

Paris | Parigi -J

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you’re either curious about Paris, have been to Paris, want to go to Paris or you might just be a loyal follower (thank you!!) I have been in Europe since August 2017 and out of all of the trips I’ve made thus far, Paris is still hands down the … More Paris | Parigi -J

Florence | Firenze -J

Hello friends! Studying abroad in Italy means that I can easily get to several other Italian cities thanks to some great (and mostly reliable) transportation systems. This past weekend, I took the opportunity to get out of Bologna for a weekend and head to Florence! Although it only takes 30 minutes by Frecciarossa (the express trains in … More Florence | Firenze -J

On Love Abroad -J

Did you ever watch the Lizzie McGuire movie? That 2003 classic in which Lizzie graduated middle school and goes abroad for two weeks and later falls in love with an Italian pop singer.. are you kidding me? The biggest lie of all time. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect that to happen to me before I came, so … More On Love Abroad -J