Hiatus -J

It’s taken my five months to get back on my blog because I’ve been so busy and if I wasn’t busy, I was spending my time with friends and family enjoying the last semester of my college career. And I did it. On May 19th, I graduated with Dean’s List honors from Dickinson College with … More Hiatus -J

It’s here. -J

I can’t believe it’s finally here…2019. This year seems like one of those years that was never going to happen – like 1999 when people were scrambling to buy the last bread loaves from the stores when 2000 was supposed to come. Maybe I am exaggerating a little but in 2015 when I was graduating … More It’s here. -J

2018: Thank U, Next.

2018. I had some success, but it was clearly not my best year. Far from it in fact. For all I achieved between internships, research projects, a double major, and cherished memories and friendships… that momentum isn’t going to get me anywhere without getting rid of the failure of the year. I’m an advocate for … More 2018: Thank U, Next.

Back to normal.

It didn’t hit me until I saw a new class of students this week that I am a senior. Me. I finally made it to this point. There’s a tradition at Dickinson that if you step on the College seal that is conveniently placed right in the center of one of the most walked locations on … More Back to normal.

One year later.

A year ago today, I left for Málaga. I got on a plane for the first time in 13 years, and set off for almost a year away from home. Part of me can’t believe it’s been that long since I packed up my things and landed on the coast of Spain, while another part … More One year later.

The Generosity of Strangers in a Foreign Land –A

Do you remember what it was like meeting your best friend? That moment where you both just clicked? Finding someone that understands you is one of the best feelings out there. While there aren’t really words to describe what exactly “it” is, you could classify as vibe, an energy, an aura. I consider it simply … More The Generosity of Strangers in a Foreign Land –A